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Adrian Lincoln was born in Lincoln, United Kingdom. He was raised in the county of Lincolnshire and a village in Nottinghamshire. It was in these early days that odd events were to shape his later view of the world. Several houses moves later, he spent his teenage years near Manchester and now lives in North Wales. A tough childhood led to a lifetime of working in industrial production. A hard decision and fate allowed travel to become a big part of his life – as is looking closer at strange events with an open mind, whilst reserving judgment – his politics being shaped by his experiences.

about the book

If your taste in autobiography is only for the rich and famous, then this is the wrong book for you. However, if you are curious about someone who has had a possibly strange start in life, followed – maybe as a result – by a low-key, hell of a teenage life that may have led to a narrowing of later life choices, you’re looking in the right place. Fate only confirmed a hard choice already made by me to not breed, for more than one reason. This did, however, open up more travel opportunities than I might have had otherwise. Then there is that one person, my partner for the last thirty years, who has stopped me from going off the rails, unlike my father. With seemingly more limited options, my mental make-up dictating these, this carousel of a life story shows how sometimes poor health is overcome or sidestepped, with an addition of a little humour where I find it. My politics and Brexit views are shaped by life and work experiences. Varied travelogues are mingled in along the way. From the jungles of Borneo to the American Northwest, this book takes a look at what floats my boat. If you disagree entirely, at least you would have made a more informed judgement! Make your own mind up from what is presented or look closer as encouraged.



I’m happy to share the news with everyone that I got featured in an article on the July/Aug edition of The SHIRE Magazine.


Hi, and first, a thank you to anyone who has bought my book or E book.Lookout in July and August for SHIRE magazine, free in most supermarkets, where, along with an advert for my book, on page 116, ........



Time has moved on since I wrote my book, finished just as Covid started to get hold of this country. As travel is now very restricted, I hope anyone who has reached this site will check out my profi ........


(Continued from previous upload)) my partner Sarah and I Have visited over the last 30 years. As they are visible on my Facebook timeline, I will upload just a selection here. For those who read, o ........


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